• Attorney in Alberton, South Africa

Attorney / Lawyer in Alberton!

Attorneys specializes in the following matters:

  • Administration of deceased Estates, advice and
  • claims against estates
  • Drafting and planning of trusts, opinions on trust deeds
  • Drafting and planning of Wills
  • Drafting, planning and advice on commercial agreements
  • Restructuring of business and assets to plan against risks and to be tax friendly
  • Advise, planning and drafting of sequestration applications
  • Liquidation applications of Close Corporations and Companies and advice thereon
  • Rehabilitation applications
  • Ante-nuptial agreements
  • Notarial certificates and notarial agreements, notarial bonds, servitude, habitation agreements
  • Advice and registration of transfer of immovable properties
  • Sectional Title claims and litigation
  • BEE structuring and planning
  • Lease agreements, collection of arrear rental and evictions of tenants
  • Sale agreements and claims for breach of contract
  • Amendments to and rectifying of existing trusts
  • Sale of businesses, advice, planning and drafting of agreements
  • General High Court litigation
  • General Magistrates Court Litigation
  • Divorce, planning, advice and litigation proceedings in both the Regional Court and The High Court
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Claims against the State/Government for unlawful assault, -arrests and -detention
  • Insurance related claims, advice and litigation
  • Insolvency related advice and proceedings
  • Firearms and Ammunition related advice, applications and appeals
  • Arbitration, Mediation and dispute resolutions
  • Family law, Children and custody related matters
  • Assault and damages cases
  • Corporate law, the Companies Act and all company related matters and litigation
  • Business Rescue advice, proceedings and applications
  • Defamation claims
  • Partnerships, agreements and dissolution thereof.
  • Medical and professional malpractice claims

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